Black Friday - Google Display Ad Template (Canva)

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Black Friday - Google Display Ad Template (Canva)

Black Friday is the annual shopping holiday that follows Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a day to save money on non-electronic goods such as toys, clothes and home decor. According to some people, Black Friday is a nightmare for the environment. Many stores open their doors early on Black Friday to accommodate shoppers, which results in even more people entering stores on this crowded day. Overall, consumers should make the most of this special shopping opportunity, but must be mindful of poor air quality.

Black Friday is named after the dark colored stock that merchants use to close out old merchandise and make room for new items. Shoppers descend upon the country's largest cities on the Friday after Thanksgiving in droves. This influx of people causes significant traffic and pollution problems, but it also generates enormous sales for retailers. The increase in sales following Thanksgiving is generally attributed to lower prices caused by increased competition among retailers. The lower prices are then passed on to consumers, who benefit greatly from these lower prices.

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