Easy Accounting - Google Display Ad Template (Canva)

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Easy Accounting - Google Display Ad Template (Canva)

According to Wikipedia, accounting is the compilation of financial events and the management of money and affairs. Essentially, it's the processing of financial information- that is, information related to money. Back in the old days, when a business used cash registers, bookkeeping was much simpler. However, as technology progresses, it becomes much more efficient to process financial information digitally. That's why we have digital accounting nowadays.

As you can see from its name, Google's accounting format is based on Google Search Engine. This is because accounting is primarily concerned with financial statements, which involve the management of a company's finances. To put it differently, a company's accountant must have good financial skills. In addition to that, he will need access to a company's books and tax records. Basically, an accountant must keep track of all accounts related to a company's finances- both financial and non-financial.

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