Google Home - Display Ad Template (Canva)

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Google Home Display Ad Template (Canva)

Promoted posts (also known as paid ads) are one of the many ways businesses can promote their products or services to a targeted audience. These ads are created and managed by Google and appear in both the Google Search and Ads platforms. In addition, you can easily target your campaign based on many different factors, including location, age, language, and more. To create a Google Home display ad, follow these simple steps.

Google Home promotional displays are commonly used by businesses to advertise their latest products or services. These displays act like bubbles on the screen that users can touch to hear your message. They're also useful for promoting special promotions- such as discount codes or freebies. Since these displays appear in the Google home interface, they're often referred to as 'Google Home ads.' The Google Home smart speaker is a key component of many smart home setups and works well as a controller for smart devices in your home.

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