Leadership Course - Google Display Ad Template (Canva)

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Leadership Course - Display Ad Template (Canva)

When advertising a product or service, it's important to convey positive attributes to prospective customers. A display ad is a form of advertising that uses visual elements to achieve this goal. Generally consisting of text, graphics and images, a display ad can be designed using a computer or smartphone app. By using various ad designs, advertisers can connect with their target audience and convince them to buy your product.

A display ad is an ad format that uses visual elements to grab the attention of potential customers. It's primarily used to promote products and services to the public. In comparison to ads in print or on television, digital ads are more accessible and easily transmitted via text or audio. Digital ads are also much more engaging since they can include motion, animation or design elements to engage the viewer. Digital ads can also be interactive and allow customers to interact with the ad producer via phone calls or online entries. For example, an advertiser can hold live events where potential customers can interact with representatives face-to-face. Alternatively, an advertiser can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to directly reach out to their target audience.

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